Robert De Niro is Trump at the Tony Awards

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Actor Robert De Niro has Sunday night attack opened on the American president Donald Trump during the ceremony of the Tony Awards. On the stage of Radio City Music Hall, said to De Niro: “I will say this, fuck Trump. It is no longer just Trump, fuck Trump.”

The actor received with clenched fists to the applause of the audience in the hall, but his words were in the live broadcast of CBS weggepiept. The actor has already often been in the public strongly criticized the American president.

Last week said De Niro at a ceremony that his country is led by a president who is his own truth might be able to create and that it calls The Niro ’bullshit’. Trump is, therefore, not welcome in the Nobu restaurants where De Niro co-owns. In march, he called Trump is still an idiot without any sense of humanity or compassion.

De Niro was awarded the organization of the Tony Awards for the stage because he was a performance by Bruce Springsteen was allowed to announce.

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