Putin bans dogs, whores and hooligans

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That Russia world cup football can win, that he believes not himself. But that he himself as a big winner from the mega-event, there believes Vladimir Putin is possible. The Russian president has a mountain of rubles and a lot of drastic measures for his country as a host to make you shine.

In a movie of not even a minute and a half that the wereldvoetbalbond Fifa Friday online placed, is called president Vladimir Putin, everyone is welcome at the world cup. In Russian, but it is definitely intended …

In a movie of not even a minute and a half that the wereldvoetbalbond Fifa Friday online placed, is called president Vladimir Putin, everyone is welcome at the world cup. In Russian, but it is definitely meant for the outside world. “We have our land and our hearts opened for the world’, according to Putin.

The great leader says it with a facial expression that is just as well for the settlement of a drama, but the film certainly makes part of a charm offensive toward the outside world.

Also notable is what Putin does not say: no congratulations for the Russian team that Thursday the world cup on swing kicks. That team is only 70th in the Fifa world rankings, and Putin was not well known as soccer. The Russian football players can the world cup do not win, Putin called.

Stray dogs cleaned up

In many Russian cities, roam there are a lot of stray dogs around. Or better: tarried there many around. At the end of last year made the Russian government audience since the Olympic Winter games of 2014 in Sochi is underway: the systematic get rid of street dogs. Cleaned up is neater. The government calls them ‘dogs collect’ and says that no animal is mistreated, but eyewitnesses speak about dogs that are poisoned and about schietacties in the dark.

“Why we worry about dogs when we have to worry about people?’, said a chef of a company that had dogs to clean up in The Moscow Times. Those companies would be for their hondenwerk by the government are well-paid.

In January founded animal rights activists petition to the address of Putin. The position of the government is that cities choose themselves how they stray tackle. And so the president can officially do nothing on that policy, stated that he would want.

Moreover, forms in some cities homeless people a target of the government. In Jekaterinaburg and Kazan, two host cities, would the homeless be obliged discharged to nearby places.

Boulevard behind tinted windows

The Russian prostitutes – they are, with roughly one million – were by Putin ever ‘the best in the world’. Now, should the world not see them, unless behind the tinted windows of brothels, which the government entertained. Because, just as stray dogs are also border the streets, and more. So speaks the ngo Silver Rose over ‘harassment’ of the government towards street prostitutes. There are the border fines and arrests over the head, also those from abroad. A portion of the brothels in Saint-Petersburg close during the world cup the doors. Brothels that an extra tax to pay to the Russian government enjoy protection.

Hooligans in the cell

Russia has also long been problems with hooligans, very heavy boys, not infrequently neo-nazis. The european football CHAMPIONSHIP in France 2016 to let a few hundred to see that British fans toetakelden. When the national team of France in march this year, a friendly played in Saint-Petersburg, were black players like Paul Pogba and Ousmane Dembele opinion to their head. Putin is there as death for that the bad boys will the image of Russia in the eyes of the whole world to smithereens store.

That is why the Russian government since a few months hunting the toughest hooligans. For the few who anonymously with the newspaper The Independent spoke to have hundreds of men locked up in the run-up to the world cup. Phone calls to the movers and the shakers, threats, and actual contracts with leaders of voetbalclans would also to the range of the special agents.

“No Russian fan makes themselves to be foreign fans to attack’, sedates Alexander Sjprygin, ex-president of the Russian supportersbond. “Many go during the WK even on holiday.’ Sjprygin know why. After the riots in 2016, he was arrested by the Russian police, his car set on fire, his supportersbond shut down and was him entry to a world cup stadium is denied.

ID-card for every observer

Everyone who is in Russia for a world cup match to attend, will receive a new id card. It is an ID card that you identify as a football fan, and that the Russian government allows everyone to thoroughly screen a world cup ticket. That is necessary because Russia has international opponents, and we don’t mean the sports.

For example, there was last year a bomb attack on the metro in St. Petersburg, and an attack in a supermarket in the same city. Putin called the latest attack itself ‘terrorist’.

Russia fears-terrorists, given the Russian military intervention in Syria. The world cup would be the ultimate aim for IS followers. Or for anti-Russian rebels of the Crimea, part of Ukraine that Putin annexed. An attack during the world cup to ensure maximum exposure. And so can the Russians, but better the background of each stadionbezoeker screening, including yours.

Cossacks with sturdy fists

In Moscow during the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, also a police unit deployed as toerismepolitie applies. The agents in the unit to speak several languages, and can the football fans from abroad are telling the Russian host requires.

In other host cities, you can find no special toerismepolitie, but special forces who are aiding the police. So get the Russian police in the southern city of Rostov the great assistance of the Cossacks, with bontmutsen attired gang of descendants of the warriors who once were the frontiers of the empire were guarding it. The few hundred Cossacks speak is not necessary in many languages, with the fists speak works better. So beat them in may, still violently to a demonstration against Putin down. Now, they get the president’s authorisation to, in addition to the regular police to act.

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