Pol off ‘FC The Champions’ on slate

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The Antwerp LABOUR party currently has 48 candidates announced on her list, will stand in the upcoming elections. The most notable names are those of 3 BV’s: Ben Rottiers (Pol ‘FC The Champions’), Mitta Van der Maat (Maria from ‘Family Backeljau’) and Liliane Simons (MC Lily from ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’).

In april, the LABOUR party for ten ‘Active inhabitants of antwerp”, in that the list for the city council will withdraw. Now, the rest of the list is published in seven places. The party is still in conversation with several of the Active inhabitants of antwerp.

A on the five candidates on the list is younger than 30 years. Thus, the candidates are a bit younger than the candidates running in 2012 on the list were. A quarter of the places on the list goes to workers and revolution. In addition, fifteen candidates roots in the migration. Peter Mertens is a leader.

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