Painful moment for Mattie Valk

3e1c8a5d184ee88a910d637b0dd330f0 - Painful moment for Mattie Valk

Now Mattie Valk regularly falls for Luuk Ikink RTL, if he is sat night the babynieuws of his former best friend and radio colleague Wietze de Jager read to you. A little painful, after the two of them on bad foot from each other are gone.

After Mattie the news has read about the second child of Wietze and Lieke Field and that Wietze has to know that his newborn son is going to react Bridget Maasland caught: “He left it to the editors to know and not to you, anyway?”, that she was referring to the controversial break-up of the famous radio duo.

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When Mattie seriously, confirms: “To the editor indeed. But congratulations of course, on behalf of everyone.”

Wietze had already know is to feel deceived by Mattie and the radio station, when Mattie an improved contract behind his back to be signed by Qmusic, when they worked together on the battle would go at Sky Radio.

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