North Korea is already on top in Singapore

a256f43d8aa7bdea4608a51f572284e9 - North Korea is already on top in Singapore

PYONGYANG/SEOUL – North Korean state television has Monday six-minute long paid attention to the coming meeting of the leader Kim Jong-un with the Us president, Donald Trump. The North Koreans knew officially nothing of the top in Singapore.

For North Korean concepts of this communication very early in the morning, reported the BBC. The activities of dictator Kim are almost never in advance by the state. They are only reported as the leader after business back home.

Kim and Trump a Sunday in Singapore arrived. They meet at 09.00 (03.00 pm our time) and go first in conversation with only the interpreters present. Then slide the other officers. It is not clear how long the meeting lasts, if the two get along. Trump has said that he is in a few minutes already knows or his interlocutor seriously.

The White House has spoken about a meeting under four eyes and a working lunch of Kim and Trump. Then it takes the top so until the afternoon. Previously reported a newspaper in Singapore that Kim is planning to 14.00 back to North Korea. Trump has promised the press to 20.00 hours. In Singapore it is six hours later than in the Netherlands.

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