Nick and Simon-inspired by the Marvel show

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Nick and Simon are for their upcoming concerts in the Ziggo Dome, partly inspired by the new Marvel show in Disneyland Paris. Singer Nick Schilder did during the introduction of the superheroes of Marvel in Disneyland Paris, a lot of new ideas for the series of gigs with Simon that in april of next year is planned.

“We’re not going to have explosions in our concerts stop,” he laughs. “But the new theatre show with the Marvel heroes offers state-of-the-arteffecten me turn on to think about what we have to our concerts. Disney makes use of drones, and 360-degree videowallprojectie. I notice that my own fantasy huge irritant to our own audience in a new way to surprise you.”

Painter calls himself “not that hard Marvel fan.” But he enjoys it in Disneyland Paris, much of to see how the presentation of superheroes as engaging as his 5-year-old son Julian. “The show is a wonderful introduction for younger children to the world of Marvel. Julian did all the vechtbewegingen after and now want to actually love most all movies instantly watch. Therein we will have him yet, what should slow down, because there he is really still too young for.”

Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, will now be prominent in the park are present. If own Marvel favorite calls Nick the Hulk. “Not that I necessarily permit myself recognize in a green man who doesn’t have his emotions under control. But it is the character that I have always been hugely fascinated,” says Painter. “Indeed I do recognize in Marvel and Disney is that each series and each character comes from a very good idea of what then build. That is something that we, with our music a try.”

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