“Nice to Cruijffiaanse Messi look’

c5db56f9cdabeb2cd9143d7ae40f74f5 - "Nice to Cruijffiaanse Messi look'

With the lost final during the world cup in 1978 in the mind keeps Ruud Krol bad memories of Argentina.

“I see in him so many things from Johan back.”

Yet it pleased the 83-times international, who recently returned since trainer of the Tunisian CS Sfaxien, already on the world cup duels of the Argentinians in Russia. He does that because of one person: Lionel Messi.

“I, too, am a big fan of him,” says Krol (69). “Why? Because Messi looks a lot like Johan Cruyff. I see in him so many things from Johan back.”

“They are the same type of player, all scores Messi more. Just as Johan used to retain Messi always the overview. I go here in the next month going to the world cup to watch. That Tunisia is also involved, makes it even a lot more fun for me.”

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