New showbizzkoppel: Tom Dice and Kato

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He was in the 2008 school years known as seconde in X-Factor with his guitar. Three years later, she also became school years known as seconde in Idol, albeit with a ukulele. A first interface maybe, but that there are more reigns between the two should now be clear: Tom Dice and Kato have a relationship.

In 2013 they worked for the first time together. They wrote together the song “Breaking Up Slowly”. That turned to do something else, because five years later they came slowly but surely. “We were shooting at all times, but we’d never expected this. In addition, we were in the moments that our paths crossed, often both are not free. So it was not even an option,” says Tom to The Latest News. So was Kato previously together with Manuel Palomo. He was with the singer of one of the participants in Idol 2011.Kato and Tom learned to know each other better by writing songs. “Outside of the studio we went more often with each other. On one of those evenings we have decided to place all the way to go,” adds he. The pair will draw Tuesday, along to the MNM stage during Marathonradio. Tom goes there to sing, with Kato as an accompaniment to the piano. “Dat we together songs and writing lyrics is fantastic”, sound. HLN. The couple has still no concrete plans to act together.

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