Mysterious kidnapping case model Chloe: Pool 17 years

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LONDON – The Pole Lukasz Herba (30) is found guilty of the kidnapping of the British glamourmodel Chloe Ayling (20). Herba, who has always claimed that he Ayling kidnapped as a publicity stunt, disappears for nearly 17 years behind bars. The court in Italy believe his story or not, write British media.

Chloe Ayling

Ayling was in July, 2017 during the six days held in a farm near Milan. She was abducted after she thought to apply for modelling work. According to the Italian authorities has Herba life of the model is placed in jeopardy by her drugged with ketamine, and then in a bag to the farm to kidnap.

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Herba, who is in love with the model, stated that he the abduction in scene has set. That he would have done to her career a boost. Ayling had financial problems after the birth of her son. Herba says Ayling wanted to work on the stunt.

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