Monic Hendrickx plays a role in vampierenserie

f05a830e3f46420963571680cb204c02 - Monic Hendrickx plays a role in vampierenserie

Monic Hendrickx, Sallie Harmsen and Benja Bruijning going to play a role in the international vampierenserie the Host of the Night. That producers Lemming Film and Avrotros announced Monday.

The series is directed by Diederik van Rooijen, who had earlier tv hit Penoza developed. The host of the Night is one of the largest Dutch drama series ever. The official language is English and there play of actors from eight different countries.

The host of the Night is a vampierenserie that takes place in Europe at the end of the 19th century. The series, intended for viewers of ten years and older, tells of the children of the last remaining vampierclans that a pact was close to survive.

The pictures are this week started. The spin period covers 115 days. The series will consist of two seasons of thirteen episodes. The series is written by Van Rooijen and the Swedish screenwriter Maria von Heland, based on the award-winning German book series That Erben der Nacht.

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