Merkel: ‘Withdrawal via tweet is a little depressing’

3bc9590c3f74e13cdca7d17064f3cceb - Merkel: ‘Withdrawal via tweet is a little depressing’

The German chancellor Angela Merkel is disappointed that Donald Trump, his support suddenly had withdrawn from a joint statement of the G7 summit. This he did via Twitter.

First said Trump that of the G7 summit a “great success”. A moment later, after a press conference by the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, he pulled unexpectedly his support for the declaration.

The declaration committed the countries is to include import duties and government subsidies to reduce and to continue to fight against protectionism’.

‘The withdrawal, in a manner of speaking, via tweet, of course, is sobering and a bit depressing, ” said chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview with ARD after the G7.


The top does not mean the end of the trans-Atlantic partnership between Europe and the USA, said Merkel. But she repeats that Europe can no longer rely on its ally, and his fate in his own hands.

‘We’re not going to ever again let off, ” she said a trooper. ‘Instead, we are going to act.’

Just like Canada is going to Europe countermeasures against U.s. import tariffs on steel and aluminum. Or Merkel is worried that Trump again, countermeasures are going to take, this time on cars? ‘First, we will try to avoid that. And then we hope that the EU again with the same unit will respond.’

Before Trump to the final blown up, had the French president said that Trump ‘crash was on a united front, a position that Americans have no experience’.


The U.S. laying the blame for the debacle clearly at Trudeau. “There is a special place in hell for any foreign leader who acted in bad faith diplomacy with president Donald J Trump and him then tries a knife in the back to cross on the way out,” said Peter Navarro, handelsadviseur of Trump to Fox News.

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