May regrets her reaction to Grenfell-fire

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LONDON – Theresa May has said that her first reaction to the fire in the Grenfell tower almost a year ago regrets. The British prime minister gave in the newspaper the Evening Standard that her action after the disaster, that at 71 people killed, wrongly have the impression that aroused her as much as did.

In the night of June 14, 2017 was the 24-storey flat, with an ethnically diverse residents in the wealthy London district of Kensington, in flames. It was the deadliest conflagration in Britain since the Second world War.

A day after the tragedy brought May a short visit to the place of the accident. She thanked the firefighters for their efforts and maintained himself with the team that was responsible for the settlement. The prime minister had after the survivors of a heart under the belt, and put the relatives of the victims to comfort. That led to a wave gewetensvragen about social inequality and treatment of immigrants.

“It was already clear that the initial reaction is not good enough. That I do also myself,” wrote May on Monday in a column. “I will always regret that I the people who have not searched.”

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