Maarten Cox invites audience

88a086987009d784e60cc09a8e19562c - Maarten Cox invites audience

Maarten Cox sings not only with RTV, he presented during the weekend include the program Living Plus. Normally find the recordings of that program without the audience in the studios of the station, but now Wednesday draws Living Plus out.

The pictures go Wednesday by the new beach bar Bao Bab is just next to the stadium of BELGIAN Football. Among others, Lynn Wesenbeek, Gene Thomas, Slongs Dievanongs and Paul Michiels that day along. Paul will exceptionally also 2 live songs, and is also the 70th birthday of Paul Michiels. Interested to join? Sign up now via the Facebook page of TV PLUS. There are two pictures, one at 14 hours, one at 18.30 hours. The admission is free, ample parking available.

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