Lynching India: sixteen arrests

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DELHI – The Indian police has sixteen people arrested after a double murder in the state of Assam. An angry mob killed two men after a village had stopped to ask for directions, message the BBC. The attackers, believed apparently that they were dealing with kidnappers who had designs on children.

The state of Assam lies in the north of India.

A video of the lynching was published last weekend on social media. To see how one of the victims in vain, pleading for his life. Residents thought allegedly that they were dealing with kidnappers, because there they via WhatsApp for were warned.

Rumors about kidnappings of children spread through the message service by India. The fear which that caused, in a month’s time to several human lives. The authorities attempt to make such stories to disprove. So called the police in the city of Hyderabad residents last month with speakers on the “rumors not to believe.”

A BBC correspondent looked at a ’ontvoeringsfilmpje’ that is circulating on WhatsApp. To see how two men on a motorbike, a child grabbing it and pulling away. It turned out to be a waarschuwingsfilmpje from Pakistan that is edited to give the impression that it’s going to be a real kidnapping.

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