Lifeboat with 626 refugees floats since last night around

6b7d7e312cbb16e984284905093fb504 - Lifeboat with 626 refugees floats since last night around

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The ship Aquarius, that last weekend, from different dinghies 629 refugees has picked up, the Italian government was given the task to remain on site.

Aquarius, 629 refugees on board, floats since last night, 35 nautical miles of Italy, and 27 nautical miles from Malta.

Yesterday did the Italian minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, know that the boats with refugees are no longer welcome in his country. He tweet about it under the hashtag #chiudiamoiporti, we close our ports. He wants that ship to Malta cruise, but even there, the authorities have reported that the refugees don’t wish to answer.

Since then, floats the boat around. Among the 629 refugees, sit according to some journalists who are on board, 123 minors, eleven babies and four pregnant women. One of the journalists to tweet that the boat is almost through his food supply. ‘There is not much space on the boat because there are so many people on it, we can barely move’, tweet Sara Alonso Espara, who for a SINGLE a report of the facts.

The mayors of Palermo and Naples have told us this morning that they are prepared to boat people, but up to now continues to be the boat in a very floating. The workers fear that the boat is seized will be taken as soon as he lands in an Italian port.

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