Lawsuit against killer Anne Faber began

616a40ff699bfe40a31ba3d3c873607e - Lawsuit against killer Anne Faber began

Michael P must be this week for the Utrecht district court to answer to the kidnapping, rape and murder of graduate student Anne Faber. The disappearance of the young woman made last fall for a lot of fuss in the Netherlands.

The 25-year-old student Anne Faber disappeared on 29 september 2017, in the near of Utrecht, when she is on her way home. The police got more that 3,500 of tips about the case, and it was by one of those tips that the jacket of Faber P. was found. Two weeks after the disappearance, he confessed, and brought the police to her body in a nature reserve in Zeewolde, a few tens of kilometers from the place of her disappearance.

The case brought the discussion about the Dutch judicial system again: The man had been a long punishment, served for violence and sex offences, but he had a psychological examination is denied. Because it was near the end of his imprisonment, he spent last fall in a forensic psychiatric hospital in Den Dolder, the netherlands. He was allowed to, and independent of the institution to leave. It is during one of those uitdtappen that he Faber has killed, and her corpse with a car that has transported.

P. the facts are known. “I could no longer keep me for the next of kin’, he said this morning. He first three days was silent, according to him, because he at the time of his arrest ‘mistreated’.

The defendant must not only answer for the death of Faber, but also for the hitting, kicking and biting the staff of the institution where he stayed.

Tuesday, the family of the victim to the word, and it is known what punishment the public prosecutor demands for Michael P.

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