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Last Chance to secure your crypto-future Once and for all

a33597fad77f733ce179744058e8f70c - Last Chance to secure your crypto-future Once and for all

The Generating of the passive crypto-income was never so easy, thanks to the profit share Tokens of GIFcoin.

The “most transparent ICO in 2018,” says the statement of the investors, which is its end on 12. June is slowly coming closer. After it has reached its “Soft Cap” Phase of 5,000 ETH at the end of April, the Participants of GIFcoin great news about the progress of the project, including a name change and the distribution of profits.

What GIFcoin?

The ICO of GIFcoin obtained new capital in order to develop the already profitable betting page – more. With GIFcoin you will not invest in just an idea, but you have to invest your capital in einbereits successful Business.

The investors receive 80% of the net site to win. Although it might sound like an unnatural madness idea, it is a generous share of the profit that comes from the Vision of a long-term mutual growth.

What distinguishes GIFcoin?

The ICO is led by a Team of professionals who really want to make a difference and a solution to the biggest Problem of investors – transparency. You can solve this Problem as follows:

  1. A Telegram group, the investors in English.
  2. A Telegram group, the investors in German.
  3. Weekly live calls in both languages.
  4. Short preview and a behind-the-Scenes look at the progress of the ICOs.

This whole effort to a single goal, to notify you runs out, what exactly here, to make an informed decision.

I must confess that I was very skeptical, after I’ve invested in GIFcoin. I’ve researched and again and again, the team members, including Krasimir harassed, who had enough patience to answer all my questions thoroughly. In this Moment I have no Regrets, and doubts. The Team has actually selected anything and, as far as I know, they are legitimate and believe me, I’ve looked into every little Detail of your project. You will feel comfortable to check it out and if you feel further doubts, then please ask and you will answer them. Greetings

– an Investor of GIFcoin

Why should I invest?

GIFcoin accepts payments with ETH, BTC and LTC. The minimum investment is only 0.1 ETH. But it is important to note that the more you invest, the greater your profit will be share, you will receive.

Recently GIFcoin has received the title of “the Most Promising Profit Share Token – ICO-Europe 2018” “Capital Finance International”.

To make the thing more attractive, is received by each Investor of GIFcoin an Airdrop of eGold Tokens.

To promote trade, offers GIFcoin now strong bonuses for investors who want to invest are ready.

  • 10+ ETH – 30%
  • 20+ ETH – 40%
  • 30+ ETH 50%
  • 40+ ETH – 60%

*Note that the bonuses will be manually distributed. Make sure that you send the Hash Code of your transaction to the support team. The payments in BTC and LTC are accepted, as long as these amount to equal to or more than 10, 20, 30, or 40 ETH. This offer is from the 6. June until the end of ICOs on 12. June to be valid.

This is your last Chance to reward yourself properly!

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