Kylie Jenner removes pictures of baby Stormi

a35836dd1c98ebc3f1ba32d6743ce24b - Kylie Jenner removes pictures of baby Stormi

The more than 109 million Instagram followers Kylie Jenner will be it for now, without pictures of her baby Stormi. The realityster shared a snapshot of her little girl, but seems to be there now to keep after them quite a bit of criticism on him, got after posting her latest picture. This is reported in the Daily Mail.

The 20-year-old Kylie posted a photo showing her baby in a tiny little corner with only part of her face is visible. Fans reacted furious: “You cut your own child of the photo, to make himself better!” wrote one follower. Another follower said: “Wow, anything for the shot! If you but good.” The photo, which is more than 5 million times is ’ge-liked’, got thousands of comments of people who didn’t understand why Stormi not easy to see.

The youngest Jenner-the son responded brightly: “Yes, I cut my baby from the photo and go for no photo of her to share.” It blotted out Kylie also almost all the photos of Stormi who they previously placed on the social medium.

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