Kunstenpenning for Remco Campert

25fb261751803f20ad0e7c345ee1d48d - Kunstenpenning for Remco Campert

Remco Campert has Monday afternoon the Kunstenpenning of the Academy of Arts. Academievoorzitter Gijs Scholten van Aschat presented the award at the publishing house of the 88-year-old writer in stature, De bezige Bij in Amsterdam.

Scholten van Aschat praised the work of Campert as “a mirror of its time. Several post-war generations with its literature grew up, and several of his phrases have become commonplace in many household. With an apparent but inimitable simplicity know Campert a particular sense of life to catch.”

The Academy of Arts called the medal recently in life for people who are in the Netherlands, have contributed to the arts. Campert was the first. The ’Academy of Kunstenpenning’, such as the award full name, is designed by Irma Boom and will yearly be awarded.

Remco Campert wrote earlier this year to stop writing. “He is tired and old and has enough written on it”, left his family when using The Bee know.

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