Kim Jong-un surprised with an evening walk in Singapore

3645ac200f6a900b0149fcb86db412e1 - Kim Jong-un surprised with an evening walk in Singapore

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un combines the useful with the pleasant during his stay in Singapore, where he Tuesday a historic meeting with the American president Donald Trump.

Kim Jong-un was made Monday night, under the guidance of a police escort, an evening stroll along the main tourist attractions.

The evening stroll of the North Korean dictator was on the local television to follow. He drove in a convoy through the city and visited, among others, the Waterfront gardens and Marina Bay.

Kim Jong-un came just as the American president Donald Trump Sunday night in Singapore. He had a meeting with the Singaporean prime minister Lee Hsien Loong. Also, Donald Trump spoke to Loong already.

The historic meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un is scheduled for Tuesday morning local time, Monday night in Belgium. It is the first time that an American president in office and a North Korean leader to meet.

The Us president hopes that he is the world peace may serve as he, and North Korea can be persuaded to abandon its nuclear weapons. Kim Jong-un wants to please the Americans out of the region leave and their sanctions against his country to withdraw. Their interests are miles apart.

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