Kim Jong-un keeps stapavondje in Singapore

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SINGAPORE – Kim Jung-un himself for his meeting with Donald Trump a stapavondje gepermitteerd in Singapore. The North Korean leader waved and smiled to the enthusiastic passers-by during his city tour. The dictator took also extended the time for selfies with the minister of Foreign Affairs of the city state, Vivian Balakrishnan. On Twitter is press speculated that it was probably his first selfie ever.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (m) during the selfie moment with the minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, Vivian Balakrishnan.

The city tour, surprised the inhabitants, and was also a welcome gift was for reporters. During a walk through the city, posing as the leader of the stalin-ruled country for a cheerful shot on the Jubille bridge.

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Stapavondje in Singapore

Kim brought a visit to the largest greenhouse in the world and the Marina Bay Sands resort, a very luxury hotel on the highest floor there is a famous outdoor swimming pool in the shape of a giant surfboard. Later he ambled around the harbour in the centre of the business district. The Singaporean Foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan put a selfie on Twitter, in addition to the grinning Kim also had his onderwijscollega Ong Ye Kung.

The nightly outing was the only time that Kim Monday his heavily guarded hotel, the St. Regis, left. He took Sunday are moved in the company of, among others, his sister Kim Yo-jong and foreign minister Ri Yong-ho.


The summit with the Us president, Donald Trump will be next night (Dutch time) around 3.00 hours.

Kim and Trump meet at 09.00 hours local time and first call, with only the interpreters present. Then slide the other officers. The White House has spoken about a conversation among four eyes and a working lunch of Kim and Trump. That would mean that the top up in the afternoon takes.

Previously reported a newspaper in Singapore that Kim is planning to 14.00 back to North Korea. Trump has promised before his departure to Washington and the press to 20.00 hours. In Singapore it is six hours later than in the Netherlands.

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