Kanye West bones Eminem and the Beatles ‘ eighth number 1 album in the

The American rapper Kanye West has ‘Ye’, his eighth consecutive number 1 album in the Us Billboard 200 bite. He is the same height as fellow rapper Eminem and The Beatles.

‘Ye came out on 1 June and since then all the way at the top of the American Billboard 200. It is successful in the West already for the eighth time, with eight consecutive albums in addition. Only The Beatles and his fellow rapper Eminem did that to him.

Of ‘Ye’ in the meantime 208.000 copies sold, including streaming and downloads. The comeback album of the American rapper is one of his most successful plates. The husband of realityster Kim Kardashian continued to be a year away from the spotlight because he has mental problems now. West also caused a lot of controversy when he openly – as one of the few African-American celebrities – openly of his support expressed for president, Donald Trump.

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