Home-actress unemployed

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Thursday is the day, the fans of the Home is the season finale of their favorite soap to see and look at the fans with a double feeling to the house. On the one hand, they finally know how one and the other one goes, on the other hand, will be the viewers of their favourite soap for 2.5 month should miss. With thanks to the world cup where the Home of the victim. And that victims are going to fall in the season finale of Home, is not excluded. This season took the cast and crew farewell of different actors, one of them is Muriel Bats over the last 7 years, the role of Mayra, in the Home. The makers of Home convert the collaboration with Muriel stop and so disappears Mayra. Or that this Thursday is or her exit only at the start of the new season, that remains a mystery. In The Last News of Monday tells Muriel that she was happy to Mayra to play. Her last day of admission fell approximately together with her 50th birthday – on march 11, was that – “I had difficult with that 50. I am mentally younger. That 50 makes me also realize that I already half of my life behind me. So if I still have a lot to do, I must now work to do”, sounds. Muriel is according to the season with a monologue in the Fakkeltheater of Antwerp, and she also works on a danstheaterstuk. But for the rest of the calendar, the actress is empty. “I’m looking hard for another job, but it’s not simple. It takes a lot of energy, courage and commitment. Maybe I should first take out at Home disappear,” laughs the actress.

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