‘Health and safety must first come

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The ship Aquarius was not welcome in Italy and Malta, but Spain wants the 629 refugees or absorb. Nevertheless, it seems that solution is not so simple. The Spanish port is 1,300 miles away, and we are all about our capacity”, let Doctors Without Borders know.

From the boat was first relieved, responded, but Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warned that the trip to Valencia for another three days, and their supply was not sufficient. Meanwhile, Malta have food and water to the Aquarius.

MSF indicates that the health and safety of the people in the first place, and says that there are sick people, pregnant women and children on board.

There are also two journalists on board, including Anelise Borges for EuroNews. They tweet daily about the situation on board the ship, and says that some women in ‘unbearable heat’ sit on board of the ship.

Aquarius is the ship in which SOS Méditerranée and Doctors Without Borders last Saturday 629 refugees from bobbing boats have been rescued from other ships, such as the Italian navy and coast guard, have taken over. Italy wanted Malta the ports openzette, but there were the refugees not welcome. Also in Italy, the boat does not drop anchor. Spanjewil the ship had received.

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