Hanna Verboom going to beaches to clean

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Hanna Verboom on Sunday June 24 beaches cleaning in Zandvoort. Her initiative is part of the actiemaand of National Geographic to draw attention to the ‘plastic soup’, the plastic waste in the sea.

Verboom is one of the ambassadors of the action, that the entire month of June takes place. The transmitter organizes on 24 June is not only a great cleaning on the beach of Zandvoort, but also in Scheveningen.

Each year ends about 9 billion pounds of plastic in the ocean. With the actiemaand encourages National Geographic to the audience to be a sustainable alternative to use in place of disposable plastics like bags, straws, cotton buds, bottles, cutlery and mugs. In addition to calling for the recycling and plastic waste to pick up. To these two acts, in practice, the National Geographic Beach Cleanup, such as the cleanup is called, organized.

Anyone who wants to can Hanna Verboom and YouTuber Wouter van der Vaart help. Participation in the Beach Cleanup is free. Interested parties can sign up via the website of National Geographic.

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