Gulf states to support Jordan with billions of

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DUBAI – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates to support Jordan with a support package worth about 2.5 billion dollars (more than 2,1 billion euro). That came the leaders of the countries agreed during talks in Mecca about the “economic crisis” in Jordan, the Saudi state news agency SPA.

King Abdullah and his wife, Jordan.

The shaky economic situation in Jordan has led to large-scale protests. Thousands of Jordanians took to the streets to protest against the economic policy of the government. King Abdullah dismissed earlier this month prime minister Hani Mulki in an attempt to bring the unrest to quell. His successor removed a controversial tax plan.

Jordan is struggling with a high public debt and unemployment. The influx of a million and a half refugees from Iraq and Syria, has the financial situation to continue to deteriorate. The support package from the Gulf states the pressure should ease. They fear possible unrest affects the other countries in the region.

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