Gilles De Bilde on the coffee at Lukaku

bf1237bd8edf1d28fe499d36a6ce0061 - Gilles De Bilde on the coffee at Lukaku

In the 2nd Telefacts special, ‘Gilles De Bilde at Home with the Devil’, VTM-voetbalanalist and commentator Gilles De Bilde on Tuesday, June 12, on a visit to three topduivels: in Manchester Romelu Lukaku, in Naples at Dries Mertens and in Marbella at Marouane Fellaini.

The Devils received Gilles by them at home and talk freely about their childhood, children, love, big money, their lifestyle and of course the upcoming world cup. The respect for the Bilde is large: the ex-Red Devil won the Golden boot and played for o.a. Anderlecht, PSV, Sheffield Wednesday and Aston Villa. Or as Romelu Lukaku puts it: “I respect the anciens that are still against my father played football.” Gilles laughs: “Romelu, call me now no ancien, hey”.

‘Gilles De Bilde: at Home with the Devil’ is a surprising chat among players, on the eve of the biggest football event in the world.

Gilles De Bilde: “With Dries, Romelu and Marouane, I have a click: we share the same open-minded vision on football but also on “the issues of life”. Also karakterieel there are points of contact with these guys and that creates a natural band. They see me as one of them: as a footballer, as an ex-international and not as a journalist pur sang. Those guys are now international stars, but still, I got in spite of their busy agenda – access to the intimate atmosphere in their home. And that gave an extra dimension to our discussions.”

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