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Eric Gerets should be a complaint against ex-teammate Gilbert Bodart after “death threats”

Eric Gerets and his wife, Virginia Neuray, the behavior of Gilbert Bodart kotsbeu. Gertes now even filed a complaint against the former goalkeeper (and ex-team-mate) at Standard and the Red Devils. And the accusations are not min: death threats.

Eric Gerets got to say that several times death threats from Gilbert Bodart. That could not verkroppen that Gerets had started a relation with Virginia Neuray, the ex-girlfriend of the goalkeeper. The situation would have escalated about the custody over the son of Gilbert, and his ex-girlfriend.

“He threatened me several times,” says Eric Gerets in La Dernière Heure. “He ran once behind my car when Virginia in Oupeye lived and the police had to intervene. He said that we still would see again. Another time he kept his finger on my forehead as if he were a truck would persuade and said that he would kill. I have no other choice, he has a frontier and I have to file a complaint against him.”

“I know this is a shock will be in the Hatch but I am not afraid. Everyone dies, but it will not be by Bodart or by an Albanian as he would have ever told,” said Gerets.

Bodart: “You are allowed to write what they told you about”

Gilbert Bodart, however, seems not impressed. “I have nothing to say”, he reacts to the accusations in La Dernière Heure. “You are allowed to write what they told you about, that will generate money. The court exists for fantasten that just things come up with. My lawyer is working on it.”

Eric Gerets (64) and Gilbert Bodart (55) were in the early ‘80 team mates with Standard and the Red Devils.

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