Dutch Academy organizes open debate after letter Roel Reiné

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The Dutch Academy for Film (DAFF), the organisation responsible for the Golden calf awards, is a public debate organize as a result of an angry letter from a director and a member Roel Reiné. The director of Michiel de Ruyter and Redbad says that the majority of the Dutch voters publieksfilms structurally ignores. He shared his grievances on Monday in an open letter.

“Input from our own ranks we highly prize because the Academy would not exist without large involvement of its members”, said a spokesman. Therefore DAFF like to communicate with Reiné during a public meeting. “All members and other interested parties are invited to take part in the discussion.”

It is not yet clear when this meeting takes place. The date will soon be scheduled in consultation with Reiné.


“Commercial films are also works of art, but that will be completely ignored,” writes the Redbad-director in his letter. There is, in the past, always been looked down upon in non-artistic films, says the director. “When I got to my Calf-nomination received for The Delivery, there was a boeroeper in the audience, a famous fellow director.” The cross Reiné also that “producer Marc van Warmerdam in DWDD said that he didn’t even had bothered Michiel de Ruyter for the selection of the Calves.”

Reiné, who next week the epic Redbad premiered, argues that there are now three Calves to be awarded: one for the best auteursfilm, one for the best film for children and one for the best audience film like. “The distribution of the Calves must be a publieksspektakel be,” he says. “I’m afraid that the Dutch film industry is now becoming increasingly deeper drops and the shadow will fall between our neighboring countries.”

Controversial club

The main Golden Calves were in the past divided by a jury, but this method was a lot of criticism. Since a few years the votes of the members of the DAFF about the nominations and prizes, just like in Hollywood, with the Oscars happening.

Yet is not this method is undisputed. Producer Frans van Gestel, thanks to hits like Love is All and black book one of the most important filmmakers of the Netherlands, stepped previous year from the DAFF, because his Public Works, none of his ten nominations, silver plated. Director Dick Maas, with movies like Flodder and Art responsible for a few of the largest national filmhits ever, is not a member of the club.

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