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Crypto-investment Fund: Multicoin Capital raises funding target of 250 million USD

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The crypto-investment Fund company Multicoin Capital was founded in October 2017, and announced it to the end of 2018, 250 million US dollars. The American company would like to currencies, the Fund for Crypto as a long term investment of three to four years.

As Reuters reported, Multicoin Capital increased its original funding goal of 100 million to 250 million USD, due to great interest. Multicoin has to date collected capital from a variety of large private and institutional investors.

The list is headed by the famous Silicon Valley venture capitalists Marc Andreessen, co-founder and Partner of Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. The VC firm has, inter alia, shares in well known companies such as Airbnb, Coinbase, Facebook, Groupon, Github, Pinterest, Slack, and Skype.

Other investors of Multicoin Capital Compound, Vy Capital, Passport Capital, Chris Dixon (General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz), David Sacks (PayPal Holdings Inc.), Adam Zeplain (Mark VC), Ari Paul (block tower), and Elad Gil (Color Genomics).

The financing of Multicoin reflects a Trend in which venture capitalists and investors, crypto-Fund companies than individual investors. The majority of well-known Venture-Capital-companies have regulations which prohibit capital to risk asset-rich to invest in the values of crypto-currencies.

Founder and managing the company’s Kyle Samani. To Reuters he said:

What you’re seeing is the next wave of serious investment coming to an exciting, recently-legitimized the asset class.

Multicoin considered crypto-currencies as a long-term investment of three to four years. This is a major difference to the already existing crypto-investment funds which have as a time horizon, usually only a few months. Samani sees crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, as a new, in the last few years, well-established asset class with huge Potential.

According to the information of Reuters Multicoin is one of 225 crypto funds that have a common estimated total capacity of 3.5 to 5 billion US dollars.

We have already often pointed out that the cryptocurrency market is still very early in the development of the crypto market. In comparison to other markets, such as Gold, equity funds or pension funds to the crypto currency market can boast only a fraction of global capital inflows.

In this respect, institutional investors could trigger a new wave and a new Boom. For this purpose it is necessary, from our point of view, but a better accessibility for institutional investors who do not want to beat around a Wallet.

In addition, you need the highest level of safety due to the high investment amounts need. Great crypto-investment funds, such as Multicoin Capital could be, in our opinion, the basis of this.

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