Chairman Jong N-VA over denied migrants: ‘Return to sender’

c82ac02f84dc2e2a39d112a4ddcee483 - Chairman Jong N-VA over denied migrants: ‘Return to sender’

Tomas Roggeman, jongerenvoorzitter of N-VA, has quite separate things about the 629 migrants that access were denied by both Malta and Italy. ‘Return to sender’, tweette he. A moment later, he removed the message.

‘Return to sender’, tweette Roggeman laconic response to the news that both Malta and Italy refuse 629 migrants to catch. The chairman of Jong N-VA, referred to the same Elvis song.

Today it became known that Spain, the ship Aquarius, 629 migrants on board has that on the Mediterranean Sea have been rescued, wants to moor. Italy had there Sunday with threatened, no boats with the rescued boat people more to leave and Malta do not care about the passengers. Ultimately, it is Spain that salvation brings and the vessel or permit.

The tweet of the N-VA-jongerenvoorzitter the lap of many readers in the wrong throat. Roggeman decided to respond with his post to remove again. “I am aware that this is not the best tweet was”, he reacted towards The Latest News. ‘It was not the most sensible choice and I saw that quickly, so I have the post removed. I think it is a good thing that we had in the meantime was apparently successful in making the people smugglers off block and to a halt.’

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