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Bitmain-CEO denied the rumor secret crypto mining

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After the Monero network on 6. April is a Hard Fork went through, could still be a lot of activity on the old Chain were observed. Fast Bitmain fell into the suspicion, not yet published ASIC Miner already in great style. Now Bitmain CEO, Jihan Wu commented on the allegations.

The announcement of a ASIC miner from Bitmain, you looked up from Monero, contrary to circles extremely skeptical. So one saw, as a result, the decentralization of the crypto-currency at risk. Like BTC-ECHO reported to the Monero-Hard-Fork at the beginning of April, in order to make the announced ASIC Miner a dash through the bill. Since ASIC Miner to be optimized for a specific Proof of Work, had to Monero, the purpose of the Hard Fork, in particular, a Change in the Proof-of-Work algorithm.

In the aftermath of the Hard Fork was striking that the Hash Rate of Monero fell dramatically and the old Chain was still mined. The Monero Community is raised, therefore, the allegation that Bitmain has already operated prior to the promulgation of these ASICs with this new technology on the Monero block Chain Mining.

In an Interview with Fortune, the Bitmain CEO, Jihan Wu denied the allegations, the company would have used its new ASIC Miner before the release already:

“We are not doing that. That is not our strategy.“

Bitmain: even before the announcement of the Monero ASIC mined?

The Hashrate according to the Monero-Hard-Fork suggests otherwise. In the aftermath of the Hard Fork was striking that the Hash Rate of Monero fell dramatically. In Parallel, the old Chain was still mined. They concluded that these activities must be assumed that Bitmains ASIC miners. Wu does not understand this conclusion:

“There is a group of people who controlled the bulk of the Hashrate of Monero for a long time. I would like to stress that the development of such kind of ASIC is not a kind of secret ability that only Bitmain. A lot of people can do that. Large companies such as Bitmain, and in particular I, myself, I didn’t even plan the time, attention, or resources, to do such a thing. If we develop the Hardware, we publish them simply and sell them on the market. The same after we have taken the pattern devices in operation, we start the sale in the market.“

In fact, Monero made on the basis of different Botsysteme that the crypto-currency scraped in a big way, involuntarily. Bitmain does not have to be the only Suspect in this case. Currently, it is statement against statement. We are curious whether this puzzle can be solved.

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