Beyoncé and Jay Z pose nude in photo book

5dfcaa5ab9a7ff655c20ae1e0bee2c94 - Beyoncé and Jay Z pose nude in photo book

PHOTOS – Their joint tour is just started in Cardiff, and now all know Beyoncé and Jay Z every day the front pages. Not only to the impressive show that they have their fans present, but also because of the very intimate photos of the pair in the corresponding photo album. Beyoncé goes completely naked, something that furrowed brow with her fans.

“I’m in shock!!” writes a fan on Instagram, with a picture in which Beyoncé nude on a beach. The couple is also together nude immortalized in the bed, where she tenderly entwined against each other. In another picture, Bey dressed in a thong and is Jay Z next to her.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are on 19 and 20 June in the Amsterdam ArenA, and are to 17 July on tour in Europe. Then they proceed with their show in America.

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