Avicii buried

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Dj Avicii is Sunday in Sweden are buried, more than seven weeks after his death in Oman. Reports that the German Bild. The message comes the day after TMZ, the death certificate of the dj neighbour.

Avicii miserable from stages around the world his audience. Sunday he was in silent circle buried

How point of his career as a dj was, so modest was his funeral. Only a handful of family and friends was at the final farewell of Avicii, which is a lot better known under his real name, Tim Bergling.

It is Tim’s good friend Jesse Waits on Instagram the booklet from the ceremony to share, that the short life of the dj painful rises: 1989 – 2018, only 28 years old was the artist. His brother-in-law Joachim shares a photo of the cemetery. Both have no words; a red and a black heart says everything there is to say about the death of Avicii.

On 20 april of this year he was found dead. Suicide soon became a suspect; it was certainly in the documentary Avicii: True Stories see how Avicii struggled with his mental health. Also, his family confirmed this, by stating that Tim is too sensitive for ’the business machine’ which he had entered. He wanted peace and quiet and chose there radically for. Seven weeks later, there was the time that his family and friends to rest, could lay; but it will probably still take a long time before they have peace.

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