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Anxiety in Germany, Löw warns: “If we mistakes, we are mediocre team”

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You are awake from the beginning of a match, and mistakes to avoid. That is according to the German national coach Joachim Löw’s message to his team on the upcoming world cup. Tuesday travels the defending champion to Russia.

If Germany as a first world title wants to renew since Brazil in 1958 and 1962, then “everything will be perfect. That said Löw in an interview with the German news agency dpa. “The opponents will to fight and very motivated against us. Therefore, the concentration will be high in every game and we need to be awake from the beginning and until the very end.”

Recently lost to Germany 2-1 Austria and won it with less than 2-1 of Saudi Arabia, each made the Mannschaft no certain impression. “Against Austria we have a lot of mistakes made”, said Löw. “If we do that, we are a mediocre team and we can sometimes lose of Austria. But if we have to make in the details are performing well, we are rightly one of the favourites. Then we have strong points, that any opponent in difficulty.”

“What I’ve learned from the previous tournaments is that there are situations that can not be foreseen. You need to be prepared for anything and with the necessary flexibility to handle them”, said Löw, already twelve years national coach of Germany. “But there is no question of routine, rather experience. What we for years have done, we try to fill it with new influences.”

At the world cup, the Germans classified in group F along with Mexico, Sweden and South Korea.

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