Andrew Garfield wins his first Tony Award

2626730d63126373b992225c8c4ab016 - Andrew Garfield wins his first Tony Award

For his role in the play Angels In America has Andrew Garfield the Tony Award for Best Leading Actor win. It is the first time that the English actor this great price, the wait is dragging. He dedicates his award to the LBGTQ community.

“For me it was a great honor to be Prior Walter to play in Angels In America, because he is the most pure form of humanity represents, and particularly those of the LBGTQ community,” said Garfield during his acceptance speech after receiving the prize. “He says ‘no’ to oppression, bigotry, exclusion, and people to ridicule. He believes that we are all on our own way perfect. We do it all and therefore I dedicate this prize to the LBGTQ people who have fought for this ideal to protect, and where some of them even died. I make a deep bow to them.”

The character of Prior Walter is a tormented gay man who is fighting against AIDS. Garfield said in an earlier interview that this role was a gift for him’. “Every character in this play is so nuanced and rich, and has so many conflicting qualities that you will undergo what it means to you to live life to the fullest.”

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