Advice to the Belgians: ten beers

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Brussels – While we in the Netherlands the advice is no alcohol to drink, or a maximum of one glass per day, the Belgians have a very different recommendation.

Up to ten small beers per week is the opinion of the

The High Health Council to ” find ten glasses not a problem, as writes The Newspaper. Per week, mind you.

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The HGR in Belgium has about glasses of wine for up to 10 centilitre or the same amount of beers with a 25 centilitre content.

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The council recommends the use of alcohol ’throughout the week to spread out’. More than four (women) or six (men) drinks within two hours, to within store is also seriously discouraged.

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According to the Belgian newspaper ‘ was the old advice about two to four beers per day. The HGR has that limit been adjusted downward because more and more diseases are linked to alcohol. It leads to a higher risk of heart disease, cancer and liver disease. “But also the risk of accidents and violent behaviour”.

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