Adriaan Van den Hoof spelt media the lesson

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Adriaan Van den Hoof was last weekend guest in the program of Evi Hanssen on Joe. During the two-hour program told Adriaan Van den Hoof with a lot of passion about the things that keep him busy. Adriaan and his wife went eight summers ago and from that marriage, Adrian, two sons, Otto and Finn. The chance exists that you have in the past sometimes a photo of Otto and Finn on the social media have seen but Adriaan has already ensured that the photographs of his sons in the newspapers and magazines popping up. Adriaan wants to be twins from the media track and the newspapers and magazines to let them know that they have no photos of Instagram. Adriaan has given along with his lawyer looked at and on Instagram you can a photo do not download and you have to take a screenshot and thereby violating the media copyright. To do so, the media neatly addresses the question of the father of Otto and Finn. But whether papalief Otto and Finn really long from the media will be able to keep is the question. His sons dreams of a movie and want to make one together with, among others, Jan Decleir. Small detail: Otto and Finn are priller teenagers and 15 in 2022. So they have yet to make their plans work out.

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