56 kilos of cocaine in nepananassen

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ANTWERP – The Belgian customs in the port of Antwerp, 56 pounds of cocaine found in fake pineapples. The party is seized. The drugs, with a market value of some millions, were concealed between real pineapples in nepexemplaren, reports the Antwerp public prosecutor.

Regularly diving in Europe nepananassen with drugs.

The party was at the end of may found out after a risk analysis of the cargo with the vessel Pola Chile from Costa Rica to Antwerp, was transported. There are according to justice, no arrests have been made.

The EU drugs (EMCDDA) reported last week in the drugsrapport 2018 that the availability of cocaine in the European Union increases. Cocaine is more often via northern ports smuggled in. According to the agency, the Belgian ports, it is becoming increasingly important. Almost half of all cocaine seizures in Europe are done, the report said.

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