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XRP partnership announced; Telegram Messenger is planning its own Cryptocurrency; TRX before rising?

d3651cf7bbba934791fa63b1a08c1662 - XRP partnership announced; Telegram Messenger is planning its own Cryptocurrency; TRX before rising?

TRON and Ripple have been able to pull in the last 30 days, a lot of new partnerships in the country. TRON had only reported two days ago with the Chinese company Baofeng a new partnership, now Ripple draws and was able to convince MoneyGram to make use of the XRP-Token. Furthermore, Telegram is planning its own Cryptocurrency to introduce and seems to be able to a huge ICO to implement.

After the Ripple had recently announced to the public, with three of the largest money transfer companies to cooperate, but no names were mentioned, was the curiosity. Yesterday Ripple was known to be with MoneyGram an official partnership. The XRP is used as Token, the cash flows faster, and cheaper. Thus, Ripple can show in practice whether the promises of the white paper are actually also in everyday life and the industry.

The Ripple rate soared then (the Tweet is from the 11.01.2018, at 15:16) against 15 a.m. to nearly 50 % and boosted the price in the short term. The development trend for the next few days looks positive. MoneyGram shares are according to the the news also increased by around 13%.

Whether the positive Trend will continue further, we will show in the next few days.

Telegram plans own Cryptocurrency

The Russian Messaging service Telegram plans in a timely manner to bring your own crypto-currency on the way, which should bear the name “Gram”. According to the white paper, a Blockchain of the third Generation, “the TONE of the Blockchain is to come”,, which should be significantly faster than that of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Telegram currently has over 180 million users and was founded in the year 2006. Until today, the Messenger has surrendered completely on advertising and thus fulfilled the desire of its users. The potential is large, since the Telegram-can use users (180 million) immediately after the implementation of the payment service by Telegram.

In the first half of this year, up to $ 500 million to be collected. There are a total of 200 million Gram, of which, according to the Durov brothers, 52% withheld 48% for the sale on the market.

TRON is facing a renewed rise?

TRON was before known of the headlines from South Korea, a strong Rally down could be linked, at the last Stand now. The TRON-course was at the beginning of December 2017 0.03 the Dollar and rose, however, in the short term, up to 0.25 dollars.

Shortly after its peak to a larger correction, and Tron followed, however, lost over 50% of its value. The rate dropped to values of 0.11 dollars – however, the signs are good to list in a timely manner an even stronger rate of growth.

Recently, a new partnership with Baofeng, it was announced that the TRON in China to an audience of almost 200 million users, makes it accessible. Furthermore, the Launch of the game crypto-Dogs is the 22.01.2018. The game will take place on the TRON-Blockchain, and the dogs can be paid for with the TRON Token.

After the game crypto-Kitties, which is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, came on the market, this had a positive impact on the Ethereum course. A similar scenario is now for the crypto-currency TRON conceivable. The only damper for the TRON-rate currencies, as the ongoing discussion about the possible Copying of fragments of the TRON white papers from other Crypto.

The next days will show how the crypto market behavior.

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