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Vandoorne after a disappointing qualification: “The lack of speed is strange”

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Stoffel Vandoorne qualified as a fifteenth for the GP of Canada. During the last training session, there is still a place in the top ten was possible. Vandoorne speaks of a disappointing qualification.

“The result in qualifying is disappointing. in the morning we found ourselves in a group where everything is close together, sat. It appears that, during the qualification not a step forward. It is a pity, as on Friday, we had such a good speed showed during the practice sessions,” said Vandoorne.

That Vandoorne and McLaren are disappointed with is logical. in the morning it seemed as though McLaren claims made in Q3, while during the qualification with difficulty they could proceed to the second part of the qualification. During Q2, only 0.009 second was between Alonso and Vandoorne shows, moreover, that the McLaren MCL33 clearly at her limit was.

“During the morning it seemed in the last training session as if we were possibly in Q3 could get. During the qualification, there was nothing specific wrong. The balance of the car was good and if you go to our lap times, then looks at me, I think I was more or less the maximum out of the car I managed to pick up. The lack of speed. It is a pity that we have no further progression could make.”

The race concerned is hoping Vandoorne to still have a significant role to play.

“The race is a different story. There are lots of things that we should prepare. The race is always interesting in terms of bandendegradatie, especially for the riders who are on the hypersoft the race begin. We will have to see what difference that makes,” says Vandoorne forward to the race.

“Our racesnelheid is usually better, and we have at least free choice of tires. Hopefully it gives us opportunities during the race. This is also a circuit where you can overtake, we will see what we can do.”

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