Two machos with a red button

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Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un seemed to emit. Two machos with their hand on the red button. Now for Tuesday, something historic planned: never have a sitting president of the United States and a leader of North Korea met each other. The run-up to a top diplomatic laws tart.

The Korean peninsula was the scene of a frozen conflict long before that term came along. During the Cold War were the armies of the communist North and the capitalist South.

The Korean peninsula was the scene of a frozen conflict long before that term came along. During the Cold War were the armies of the communist North and the capitalist South at the 38th parallel ceased. There followed, in 1953, an armistice, but no peace. The stalemate would last for decades.

The South developed into a democratic, high-tech society. Korean chips, cars and ships conquered the world market, the boybands conquered by K-pop the meisjesharten of Asia. Tens of thousands of American soldiers stopped there, the guard: the United States Forces Korea (USFK). They were the insurance policy against aggression from the North, together with the U.s. seventh fleet, and a missile shield.

In the North, ruled the Kims. Kim Il-sung. Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-un. For decades had the history there is no vat on got. Changed the world, North Korea is not. It was a dark bastion from which not many outward insisted. And what doorsijpelde was not the best: suppression, concentration camps, famine. North Korea was a pariastaat, despised in the West. The family-dictatorship, had his own insurance policy: North Korea was working on nuclear weapons and missiles.

There was often tried the oyster open, to pry, to Kim’s to get them to the tinkering of nuclear weapons would cease. In 1994 North Korea are plutoniumreactor shut-down in exchange for a western reactor. In 2005 Pyongyang to renounce its nuclear ambitions. In 2012 North Korea nuclear freeze in exchange for food aid. Nothing beklijfde, all the diplomatic efforts continued, especially broken promises. North Korea persisted only sent prisoners to foreign countries for foreign exchange earning, did dark things with outcasts like Syria and Cuba and China economic propped up.

The claque around the Kims had to do with propaganda and suppression of both itself as the Leader in the saddle. Membership of the North Korean elite was not without risk. After a richtingenstrijd were dozens of prominent North Koreans murdered, locked away in camps for re-education, or early retired.

Also, Kim’s uncle and a half brother were out of the way. The way in which the brother of the was man seemed to be from a book by Ian Flemming. Two young women smeared Kim Jong-nam VX-nerve gas in the face at the airport of Kuala Lumpur. The North Korean secret service had the two been told that they participated in a tv show in which innocent passers-by for the joke with water sprinkled were.

In 2017, the foundation was laid for a breakthrough. In the United States was an unconventional populist, a vastgoedman with a dark view of the world, to the amazement of many, president. Donald J. Trump had virtually no political experience and even less knowledge of world politics. Kim Jong-un was already five years at the top. He was in 2011, just 28, formally took office. They did not know it then, but this unlikely duo – the young dictator and the old magnate – would be something to try what had never been done.

Kim’s missiles

At first it seemed that the two mutually repel. Kim Jong-un yearned for international recognition and tried to force the display of power. He carried rakettesten, did nuclear testing and brought a hydrogen bomb to be detonated. Kim’s missiles have reached still further. Japan, the U.s. island of Guam, and possibly the U.s. mainland, though it was that last never tested. It was only a matter of time before Kim would have been a nuclear device on a long-range missile to mount. After the launch at the end of 2017 of the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile suggested to Kim that his nuclear program was completed. Hello world, here I am.

Trump responded as traditional hardliner. He combined the biting rhetoric with a painful economic pressure. He threatened North Korea with ‘fire and fury’, and, if necessary, ‘total destruction’. In the UN-named Trump Kim ‘rocket man’, on Twitter he made jokes about Kim’s figure.

Washington was meanwhile aloud thought about a pre-emptive strike, the so-called nosebleed-approach, where you have someone with a blow to repentance trying to convey. The threats were accompanied by increasingly stringent international sanctions. Waterproof was that UN-sanctieregime not, but thanks to the support of China it was well hurt. Certainly, when the oil supply was at stake.

The tension between Washington and Pyongyang ran so high that experts at the end of 2017 began to warn of a derailment of Biblical proportions. American psychiatrists doubted openly to the stability of their president. And for the cool-headedness of the young Kim dared no hand in the fire to cross, if only because so little about him knew. The blufpoker reached a tragikomisch peak, when Trump claimed that his atoomknop was greater than that of Kim. The machismo did not bode well.

Kim’s need for recognition and Trumps pressures would form the basis for rapprochement. But they were with the two of us never came as the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in was not there. Moon trad in 2017 with the promise that they will strive for reconciliation with the North. The president acted as the liaison between Pyonyang and Washington and proved to be exceptionally useful in dealing with the two reuzenego.

The turning point came on new year’s day 2018. In the same speech in which Kim Trump defied his nuclear button, he made a gesture to the South. He suggested that the tensions on the peninsula, to reduce and wanted to participate in the Olympic Winterspelenin South Korea. While the smell of fireworks still in the air, had 2018, the first Korean sensation to tackle. Although it was a North Korean classic to try to drive a wedge between Seoul and Washington, but it was in does have a chance.

Moon was racing up the road is free for North Korean participation in the Games. He paid the account for the visitors from the North. The countries drew up a joint damesijshockeyteam. Athletes waved with the eenheidsvlag: the contours of the peninsula without a line of demarcation.

The Koreans had a thousand years, in one nation lived. The dream of unity was over the course of decades get paler, but never completely disappeared. Elderly people longed for a real integration, young people wanted, above all, on the permanent tension on the northern border. Everybody knew that ever, we have to solve that problem.

The surprising inter-Korean rapprochement brought Trump with his bellicose language in a difficult position. It was not so easy to Rocket Man with hell and damnation threats, while a battalion of beautiful North Korean girls in the stadiums of Pyeongchang goodwill grew. The American vice-president Mike Pence was anything but enthusiastic at the same VIP tribune as Kim’s sister.

Moon made the visit not only possible, he lavished also Trump publicly with praise. The American press would the approach have been possible, ” he said. American media reported that Trump Moon during a meeting in the White House expressly asked him publicly praise is waving.


On a Thursday in march was a president Trump busy a trade war to promulgate when he heard that an envoy from South Korea was visiting in the White House. National security advisor Chung Eui-yong reported of his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Chung was taken to the Oval Office organised, where he Trump an invitation from Kim handed. Kim asked for a meeting that would lead to denuclearization. Trump accepted the invitation immediately; Chung should disclose. A moment later, unveiled a unknown to many South-Korean the biggest diplomatic surprise since years.

Trump should in a flash, his chance at eternal glory. February 1972, president Nixon met party leader Mao. October 1986, president Reagan meets with Soviet leader Gorbachev. Spring 2018, Trump met Kim.

It was a Trump out. Eagerly. Impulsive. Unconventional. Properties that do well on tv and with the fans, but also traits where diplomats and bureaucrats vague abdominal pain of get.

In Washington asked the political establishment is bewildered or Trump knew what he was doing. This had to be a deception to play out! Trump kept virtually no ruggenspraak and threatened with a proven diplomatic approach on its head. To the summits of the caliber of Trump-Kim detailed negotiations in advance, after which the leaders of the deal beklinken. There was now hardly any time for. Now they would be first to each other the hand and the details then to others.

While Washington for a strategy looking for a promised top, made the Koreans more and more momentum with reconciliation. On a sunny day in april put a North Korean leader for the first time set foot on South Korean soil. Comrade Kim had a tottering walk, and a variety of cuddly. He said: “When I hither ran, I thought: why was it so hard to get here?’

Moon and Kim agreed to seek relaxation, to a full-fledged peace treaty for Korea, to a resumption of family visit and to denuclearisation.

Kim also did confidence-building measures. It was an underground test facility to blow up, leaving three American prisoners released and received Mike Pompeo, then director of the CIA, later minister of Foreign Affairs. The countries a target date and location: June 12, 2018, 09: 00, the Capella Resort, Sentosa Island, Singapore. Chinese and Russian hackers names South Korean government on the grain. Americans beat already a commemorative coin.


Then it seemed to go wrong. Washington and Seoul had been a formula for talks with North Korea. The goal is ‘CIVD’: complete, irreversible, verifiable denuclearisation. The dismantling of the nuclear arsenal had to be complete, irreversible and verifiable. How do you do that?

In the past, it was a step-by-step approach tried, but ran spoke. North Korea was very adept at frustrating events. It made promises, brought concessions inside and torn prompt the treaties. Trump wanted major concessions in one time. His advisers spoke openly about the so-called Libyan model. Colonel Qaddafi abandoned in 2003 about its nuclear activities after negotiations with the West, ten years later, with the support of the West, deposed and murdered. That was Kim not a pleasant prospect. In addition, the only question was how reliable that Trump was. Iran had its nuclear program in 2015, as well as a specified in exchange for reduction of sanctions, and now blew Trump that deal just.

In the West, many were convinced that Kim is not the ‘fault’ of Kadhafien the ayatollahs would make. Kim could be that nuclear weapons really not be missed. It was his machtsinstrument and his life insurance. Now he was Kim, the horror of North Korea. Without nuclear weapon, he would be a vulnerable anomaly in a too-wide trousers. “It is just as if you were a devout christian, Jesus demands in exchange for one another’, wrote an American analyst in Foreign Policy.

After new threats over and over again, where a North Korean officer Pence ‘an idiot’ called, blew Trump the top. He wrote Kim a letter thanking him for his efforts, pointed to the immense power of the U.s. nuclear arsenal and lamented that it does not become a top would come. He ended, loosely, with a gap: “If you change your mind, […] do not hesitate me to call or write.”

The formal reply came within a week. After a love filled summit between Kim and Moon gave a North Korean official at the White House a letter from Kim, in a ridiculously large envelope. Trump said are pleased with the “fine and interesting letter” from Kim. The top could continue. Later he turned out the letter had not been read.

While in Singapore, hotels in readiness were brought in and desperately searched for a sponsor for the travel costs of Kim and his entourage, the region of the Great Leader, some of the profit on that Trump him in the womb had cast. The mere prospect of a top of Kim a sought-after interlocutor.

His isolation was broken. He went twice on a visit to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. He received the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov at home and Pyonyang brought in circulation that Bashar Al-Assad wanted to come along – not a particularly sympathetic gesture to the Moon and Trump, because the UN had discovered that Syria’s chemical weapons produced on the basis of North Korean goods.

Hope and fear

In the last days before the summit, there was uncertainty in the air. Most analysts believed that the meeting would come, but what was the lord really up to? The potential was enormous, the risks significantly. Would Trump be belazeren? Or would he, Kim, dictator, without respect for human rights, for long periods of time in the saddle help? He would, as North Korea expert Remco Breuker feared, is an impossible dictatorship to perpetuate it?

It would of course be a resounding success; 2018 was indeed full of surprises. Kim would immediately and without hesitation his nuclear efforts may cease, Korea’s a way to reunification. In a slightly less attractive scenario would be the Singapore-top serious mutual promises result in tangible and verifiable follow-up appointments. In a bad scenario, there would be mutual promises are made without a clear follow-up. And Trump is still a hard requirement on the table can lay, Kim resolutely would reject. That the world would be back to the doom scenarios of 2017.

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