Two dead in accident with spookrijder on the motorway from Breda to Antwerp

Two motorists are early Sunday morning to the life of a major accident in the Netherlands on the A16 motorway, in Belgium, are transferred to the E19 motorway, southbound between Breda and Antwerp. Reports that the Dutch police, who suspects that the collision was caused by a spookrijder.

Just before the accident gave the police information about a spookrijder on the A16. Between Breda and the junction Galder, there were then two cars with high speed on each other. The two directors are here to the life to come. Six other cars that are not on time could evade, were damaged. This got nobody hurt.

By the accident was the highway of Rotterdam direction Antwerp between the nodes in Princeville and Galder shut down. Shortly before 10.30 am, the way was again released.

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