Trump is not behind closing statement, G7

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LA MALBAIE – The American president Donald Trump is not sanctioned by the joint declaration at the end of the G7 summit is composed. According to him, has the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau with false statements. That he has on Twitter to let you know, a few hours after the summit had to leave to go to Singapore to travel.

Angela Merkel is a a seated Donald Trump during the G7 summit.

Trump says he’s American representatives, the final chord does not have to sign. He mentions this as a reason for the statements that Trudeau after the end of the summit, at a press-conference has passed, when Trump had already departed. Also the duties of Canada, according to Trump reason not behind the declaration.

“Unfair and weak’

According to the American president were the words of Trudeau, that Canada doesn’t let himself be pushed around, is very,very unfair and weak”. Trump says Trudeau during the top correct mild recession. That the Canadian prime minister, the American import duties during the press conference , kind of offensive,” mentioned, shot at Trump in the wrong throat.

The American president will find that the charges that the US charge a fair comment on the rates that Canada counts for dairy products. Trump let in a tweet also now know to look first to local import duties on cars which, according to him,the American market flooding”.

Trudeau states that he was during the press conference, nothing surprising has been said. His spokesman has let us know that everything Trudeau said earlier in the public, it is said, or during conversations with Trump. The premier remains committed to what is achieved on the two-day summit in Quebec, ” reads further the Canadian declaration.

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