Three new fatalities during protests in Nicaragua

13fa14ba7338caf0a3733bddaa5957b2 - Three new fatalities during protests in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua in skirmishes between demonstrators and the police again three deaths. It reports the local centre for human rights (Cenidh) Saturday.

Since the beginning of the protests fell according to the ngo by the crackdown of the police is now at least 137 dead and 1,300 wounded.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, fell two dead in the northern city of Jinotega, where the police hard acted against protesters that a road had barricaded. In the capital city of Managua was one protester shot dead.

The large-scale demonstrations in Nicaragua began on 18 april due to the scheduled increase in social security contributions. Initially, they were student protests. In the meantime expanded the protests and demands of the protesters the resignation of president Daniel Ortega. Attempts at consultation between the government and the protestleiders turned to nothing.

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