The particular day for the crew of Anthony Bourdain: “We were looking for there is nothing behind it’

1fdf12df854a073dcd8f5290ac81baad - The particular day for the crew of Anthony Bourdain: "We were looking for there is nothing behind it’

The death of Anthony Bourdain came Friday for anyone who knew him, totally unexpectedly. In retrospect turned out to be clear signals that something wasn’t right, writes Page Six.

On Monday, June 4, posed Anthony Bourdain (most right) and his tv-size Eric Ripert (second from left) with the family, Schreuder an restaurant Petite Venise in Colmar

The night before the renowned French chef Eric Ripert him lifeless found in the bathroom of his hotel room, it was already remarkable that Anthony Bourdain is not on the table appeared at the dinner. “We decided that that was odd,” says waiter Maxime Voinson of five-star hotel Le Chambard to The New York Times. “Mr. Ripert found it strange.”

Yet, were there no alarm bells ringing. Ripert, Bourdain and the crew of the CNN program were at the beginning of the week to the medieval picture of Kayserberg in the north-East of France traveled to an episode about the food in the Alsace and stayed in the charming 18th-century verbouwe hotel, where they every evening in the associated bistro enjoyed the foie gras and other delicacies. “Maybe he went out somewhere to eat, we said to each other. We were looking for there is nothing behind it,” says the waiter.


But also in the extensive luxury breakfast remained Ripert only. He waited until the crew let us know that the film set was built, at an outdoor market in Strasbourg. When Bourdain a half hour the recordings had not yet surfaced, he tried to call him – it was then half past ten in the morning – but it turned out to be unreachable. That was the moment that Ripert decided to seek it in his room. A receptionist opened the door and there found Ripert to what he the night before in his worst dreams could not have imagined. Anthony Bourdain hung in the bathroom, lifeless.

According to the local prosecutor, there were no signs that there is someone else in the room. The suicide seemed to be an impulsive action. Would Later sources say that Bourdain is the last day in a somber mood. “His travel schedule was murderous. He gave it all during the shoot, and often it seemed he was after, a little confused, as anyone would be. He isolated himself in his room.”

At brasserie in New York, where Bourdain every morning at in the city when he was, remember fans their beloved chef.

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