Submarine with two tons of cocaine intercepted

c5f35325427d1ec1566fffb3aeb83af3 - Submarine with two tons of cocaine intercepted

BOGOTA – Colombia has for the coast a submarine was seized on board two tons of cocaine. The vessel was after a chase of an hour for the coastal waters in the Pacific Ocean is intercepted by navy ships, reported justice Saturday.

Archive view: in Colombia more submarines of drug smugglers found.

The market value of the drugs by the authorities, estimated at around 68 million dollars, approximately 58 million euro. Two Mexicans, an Ecuadorian and a Colombian have been detained.

The navy was the submarine on the track for the coast of the delta area of the river Sanquianga, some 550 kilometers southwest of the capital Bogota. Increasingly, diving off the coast of Central and South America submarines that are used for drug smuggling. At the end of april, a boat intercepted off the coast of Guatemala.

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