Special recordings Wim Sonneveld dusted

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Institute of Sound and vision in Hilversum shows on June 24, special recordings of entertainer Wim Sonneveld (1917-1974), who recently found and dusted off, to the public.

Wim Sonneveld

It goes according to Sonneveld-researcher Frank Jochemsen to a oudejaarsuitzending from 1963, where to see is how he rehearses for a gig as his legendary character created Nickel Nelis. There is also a complete, in Belgium surfaced recording from the famous tv series Yes sister, no sister, which As his hit The cat of uncle Willem sings.

It is also his last tv appearance is preserved be displayed: created during a by Mies Bouwman-presented games on the occasion of the silver jubilee of queen Juliana.

The bulk of the display on the 24 June, however, the documentary +/- 9000 times Wim Sonneveld, Kees Brusse in 1971 about the comedian made the most intimate documentary ever about the man who little about themselves prijsgaf. The film is re-scanned from the original film negatives.

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