SEE: ’Real Housewife’ goes for bodybuilding

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Teresa Giudice was known by the series, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, was fifteen months in jail in fraud of her husband, lost her mother in 2015, and has her life a different twist.

Teresa Giudice

A remarkable turn, for a woman who’s fame is acquired as a bored housewife in a reality show. Nothing to her muscular body does still think of that role. Her flat stomach and her tight arms and showed them to the jury of the Bodybuilding Championships of South Jersey.

In the badpakkenronde she wore a purple glitterbikini, that nothing is hid from the result of all her efforts of the last five months for as long as five to six times per week exercise and a drastic diet. Large ear-drops, and transparent pumps completed her tiny outfit during her debut on the stage and they finished third of the eight. She is pleased with the result, but for the time being she has no plans to continue with the competition.

What we know of her can expect: a yoga dvd, and a private clothing line. Well, the wife need something, now her husband Joe Guidici still his sentence of 41 months for bank fraud sentence.

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