New single Bart Anneessens Cops

4e7887d2772545e1b5fd880a4504d7e5 - New single Bart Anneessens Cops

Bart Anneessens Cops let no grass grow, and since last year the most active Flemish artist when it comes to the release of cd’s. The brand new single ‘Look’ is just published and let Bart hear his favorite style of cheerful Flemish sing-songs. In the meanwhile he has the road to the stage is found, and he is a welcome artist at events where ambiance is required. A few weeks ago, he himself was also notice by themselves in the next election as a candidate, with the intention of making the new mayor of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw be. Bart is not the first artist to successfully freak to the politics. One thing is for sure: it is an exciting election. The new single ‘LOOK’ was published by D & V and is available via download and streaming on all internet portals.

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